[Vtigercrm-developers] [Vtiger-developers] Developing custom modules in VT6

Rietz, Artur a.rietz at opensaas.pl
Fri Nov 2 08:08:43 PDT 2012

I was looking into your new VTiger6, and I am considering few things about
creating new modules (I've already read vtiger 6 developer guide )

So few questions:
1. Would directory "modules" will still exist in new vtiger 6, and there
would be main files for listview, create, edit, detail view, and main file
for module itself ?

2. What is the main purpose for vtiger6 directory in root directory of
vtigercrm if we are considering building new modules, is it dedicated
mainly for:
- language
- additional functionalities ( like status history, hierarchy list, custom
link etc ? ) [ building the view of the functionalities, and creating
content for that functionalities )
 // I am supposing that in vtiger6/modules/MODULE_NAME/views we are
preparing the content to display , and then in
vtiger6/layouts/vlayout/modules/MODULE_NAME we are creating the html content
- adding new links on the left side

3. The last question (connected with the two above): the simpliest module,
with just some records ( adding/editing/deleting ) without any special
links, special views etc would have structure ( in installing zip package )
modules/NEW_MODULE/ - which containst NEW_MODULE.php, ListView.php,
EditView.php etc
vtiger6/languages/en_us/NEW_MODULE.php ( which is just language file, with
array of translations

Best Regards,
Artur Rietz
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