[Vtigercrm-developers] New Outlook 2.0 plugin

Joe Bordes joe at tsolucio.com
Mon Apr 25 13:57:00 PDT 2011

Sorry, must have missed that one.

I would translate it like this:

Selecciona el registro al que asociar los Email(s)

I am using informal mode and haven't translated Email because here in 
Spain it is very common to use Email instead of the longer correo 
electrónico which is the correct form.


El 25/04/11 16:55, praneeth escribió:
> Hi Joe,
> Thank you for the feedback and Spanish language file , We will make 
> the changes to English language file . I found there was no 
> translation for  one of the keys in the Spanish language file
> ATTACH_EMAIL_SELECT_RECORD=Select record to associate Email(s)
>             I tried to get the Spanish translation (using Google 
> translator) and i found the following translation.
> ATTACH_EMAIL_SELECT_RECORD=Seleccione elregistro de correo electrónico 
> adjunto (s)
>             Let me know if the translation is not correct.
> Best Regards,
> K Praneeth,
> vtiger Team.

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