[Vtigercrm-developers] Project module, how to choose default "relatedto" field value

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First of all, thank you for your answer!

So far I've used this solution, but I wanted to find a better one.
In the Organization module there is the field "member of" that allows me to
relate an organization with another organization, and in my work is very
useful, so I would like to find a solution that allows me to keep active the
module Accounts.

Uma S wrote
> Hi,
> One way to get through this issue is. If Organization module is of no much
> use, You can hide the module from module manager. So that it will be no
> more available in your picklist for reference field in Projects module.
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> wrote:
>> Good morning everyone, I would like a tip on a small detail of the
>> Projects
>> module that makes my work difficult.
>> When a new project is created there is the possibility to relate it to
>> either an organization or a contact,but in the field where it is chosen
>> the
>> default value is organization, so every time I create a new project I
>> have
>> to click on organization, select contact, and then choose the contact i
>> want.
>> How can i get the default value on Contacts? Or at least break the
>> relationship between Projects and Organizations (i don't need it)?
>> I tried to modify the table vtiger_field from the database, the fieldname
>> is
>> linktoaccountscontacts, and to modify the defaultvalue, but it does not
>> work.
>> Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks!
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