[Vtigercrm-developers] Workflow Emails on Tickets

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Tue May 15 08:59:01 GMT 2018

I'm seeing odd behaviour which is not what I would expect.

vtiger 7.0.1

Two users, UserA (me), UserB (someone else).

The Ticket Workflow to email the assigned user when the status changes 
etc, is adding the Signature of the Assigned User to emails that are 
sent to the Assigned user.

Imaging an open Ticket that is currently assigned to UserB.

UserA is logged in and re-assigns the Ticket to himself - the email is 
generated both From and To are set to UserA.

UserA then re-assigns the Ticket back to UserB. The email is generated 
and sets *both* From and To fields of the email to UserB and UserB's 
Signature is appended to the bottom of the email.

I then edited the Workflow and set the From field of the email workflow 
task (which was empty) to be the Last Modified user, i.e. the person who 
edited the ticket. I then repeated the process above.

When UserA assigned the Ticket to UserB, the From email was set 
correctly to UserA's name and email address, BUT the contents of the 
email, sent to UserB, contained the Signature of UserB???

Anyone else seen this behaviour?



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