[Vtigercrm-developers] Adding a second "user" field?

Oleg Antonov oleg.a at pinstudio.ru
Thu May 3 17:41:41 GMT 2018

Hi Alan!

I have had two projects with similar problem.

1. Flowers delivery company. First they wanted to store just courier name
in orders and I've made simple picklist. Next year they asked for mobile
application for couriers and I've racked my brain. End up on including
login in picklist values (like "John Smith j.smith") and simple filtering
orders on courier name include login of needed courier. Not very elegant,
technically couriers have access to all orders (limited only on app side)
but according webservices API limitations it was only working solution.

2. Other customer sell complex electronic devices and sell team always
include sales and engineer. First we thought to split Opportunity for two
parts: Deal (for sale) and Technical Proposal (for engineer) to assign them
for corresponding users. And track each status separately. However they
have a lot of interaction inside sales team and strong requirements for
role rights limitation. Finally they've decided to use other CRM which
allow to "share" record with other users. It is vTiger CRM fork, I suppose
you know which one.

Also we thought about "multiple responsible" module from VTE which make
teams from selected user on fly, but in this case entities are not
associated with users directly and they can not make necessary reports.

2018-05-03 13:09 GMT+03:00 Alan Lord <alanslists at gmail.com>:

> Customer wants to add a field so they can record a secondary staff member
> as having a relationship/responsibility towards an Organisation.
> I know this has cropped up before but wondering if anyone got a tested and
> working solution (i.e. Reports still work).
> The ways I can think of doing this are:
> * Simply add a normal, manually created picklist field (no dynamic updates
> of available users etc... A bit of a "last-resort" solution IMHO)
> * UIType 53? Standard Assigned To field - I recall having more then one of
> these in a module used to break things badly, especially Reports.
> * UItype 52? - The Modified By/Created By field. Not sure how it performs
> if displaytype is set to normal. Again concerns with Reports.
> * Add a UIType 10 field pointing at the Users module? Might work, but
> would probably crash Reporting engine as totally unexpected.
> * Create a custom UIType field and all the associated code?
> Anyone used any of these and/or other ideas?
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