[Vtigercrm-developers] vtiger Marketplace Extension killed entire vtiger system!

boruapps pobrien at boruapps.com
Tue Feb 10 13:30:21 GMT 2015

I'll have to check to see what happened with this particular client, but I
think she bought on the portal and then found the she could not use the
extension with her custom module.  She asked us to fix the issue.  So we
promptly made an update to the extension and sent her the software
directly.  Our internal procedure is to encrypt all software before
delivering it so that's what the tech did.  We always send instructions for
installation with the extension, but I can see where in this case, we
should have sent her the un-encrypted version or given a proactive warning
because the install process is different than the marketplace.  We have not
done a lot of sales through the marketplace yet so we are learning.

I have asked our team to send an updated module to the marketplace, but I
don't know if that has happened yet because we are adding some other
features right now.

When we do provision updated modules to the marketplace, is there a way to
notify existing clients and let them know of new features/fixes?

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> On 10/02/15 13:07, boruapps wrote:
> > To clarify: If I am thinking of the correct client, she installed an ion
> > cube encrypted extension without first installing Ion Cube.  That will
> > make the system inoperable until IonCube is installed.
> My point to vtiger is that this exception shouldn't crash all vtiger.
> How was our customer to know it was ionCube encrypted? The previous
> version, installed from the Extension Store apparently wasn't.
> Al
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