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Grati Amal grati.amal at gmail.com
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I created a form, the registration of these data takes place in the new table
'satisfaction' (which I have already created) I want to display the
contents of this table (user, notes comments) in a new Relatedlistsblock
that I had already created in Relatedlists.tpl but I can not do that until
now to Traves RelatedListView.php

2012/2/10 Sreenivas Kanumuru <svk at vtiger.com>

> Adam,
> Sorry for the delay in the response.
> We have been bogged down with On Demand related updates in the past couple
> of weeks. Our development team will analyze your emails and get back
> shortly.
> We formed a team recently to work closer with the community and provide
> better resources for developers. One of the first things this team started
> to do is to improve the developer documentation (link<http://wiki.vtiger.com/index.php/Developers> -
> this is still work in progress). You can count on us to be more responsive
> in the future.
> Manilal
> It is true that we are deploying updates to On Demand regularly, but it is
> also true that those updates are rolled into the open source repository
> within a few weeks time (you do not have to wait until the release of the
> next open source version)
> We are working on improving the code while we also continue to improve the
> usability of the product. We made good strides in the past couple of
> months. You will see more coming in the future.
> Regards,
> Sreenivas
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> On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 1:08 AM, Manilal K M <libregeek at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 10 February 2012 13:26, Alan Lord (News) <alanslists at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > On 09/02/12 22:54, Adam Heinz wrote:
>> >>
>> >> Have a good evening!  Hope I have some responses in my inbox tomorrow
>> >> morning!  ;)
>> >
>> > Hi Adam,
>> >
>> > I am rather surprised that there has been *no* acknowledgement of your
>> > contributions from any of the vtiger devs who do otherwise comment on
>> > here frequently.
>> This is not a surprise. The developers here are really deaf to good
>> solutions. Because, they are used to workarounds and they will not
>> address any kind of good solutions.
>> Storing the user_privileges in source file is the worst *workaround* I
>> have ever seen. And the solution suggested by Adam looks really good.
>> But we need to pray to almighty to get included in upstream.
>> AFAIK, vtigercrm is no longer qualified as a community project. It's
>> Open Source, but the developer's priority is always the On-Demand
>> stuff and they patch(don't expect a diff, only over-writing) the
>> so-called community version when they have *time*.
>> My personal experience:
>> Months back, I proposed a plan to clean the code and conform it to
>> PHP-5 standards. But none of the developers were interested. The
>> result of the non-conformity in code is visible if you run vtigercrm
>> with log_errors/display_errors enabled in php.ini.  You will surely
>> get a 2GB log file if you use vtigercrm for about 3 hours.
>> regards
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hello freinds
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