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Adjustement is used in business. Suppose you have a good customer, you can
reduce the Total amount to loyality this one. And we do this on the Quote,
because we can transform a quote directly to an Invoice.

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2011/2/24 Holbok István <holbok at gmail.com>

>  Dear Vtiger Community,
> I am reviewing all Hungarian translations for the vtiger 5.2.x and it looks
> like I did not understand the full concepts in every place.
> Here is a word: *adjustment *using in the Creating New Quote (create/edit
> view of Quote module) panel.
> One can add or deduct an amount from the total and one can adjust the Grand
> Total.
> I think the right meaning of adjustment for this place is "a settlement of
> a claim or debt in a case in which the amount involved is uncertain or full
> payment is not made".
> But unfortunately I do not understand what was the original purpose of this
> field. So, why are we able to adjust the grand total of a Quote?
> Can somebody help me to understand it in order to find the right
> translation?
> Cheers:
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