[Vtigercrm-developers] outgoing mail server

Michael Diener mdiener13 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 11 13:55:53 PST 2010


I installed vtiger 5.2 on my hosted server with no problems but when setting up 
the outgoing mail server I get the following error displayed
Mail could not be sent to the admin user. Please check the admin emailid/Server 

I checked the admin emailid/Server settings, but don't know what to check for?

My IMAP incoming mail server connection works just fine. the username and pwd 
are the same for the incoming and outgoing server so what is the problem.  The 
server outgoing port is 25 and it all is up and running...just not working with 
my installation of vtiger.

any hints as to where I should check as to this problem would be greatly 

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