[Vtigercrm-developers] Custom Fields enhancements...getting started

Nolan Andres nolan at peaceworks.ca
Wed Apr 9 22:28:23 PDT 2008


I'm not quite sure how to get started on this Custom Fields thing. Not having had the opportunity to contribute something substantial to this project, I'm not quite sure what the logistics should look like. 

So...what I've done is package up a first set of stuff, and attached it to this email as a zip. The zip includes:

* new files I added
* one file I massively altered: include/uifromdbutil.php
  - this file no longer exists, it's split between include/utils/EditViewUtil.php and DetailViewUtil.php, I believe
* one set of instructions for applying my changes to modules/Settings/AddCustomFieldToDB.php

In order to complete this, I'll need to either compile a whole bunch more instructions, or else make the changes to the 5.0.4 files myself. Here's where I ask for guidance. If I'm going to make the changes to the 5.0.4 files, I might as well do the port myself. However, going through the remaining files and making the instructions may not be less work. 

Any thoughts, anyone? I could provide diffs for branch 4.2 revision 7802 (that's where we branched), but I don't think those will help anyone, will they?

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