[Vtigercrm-developers] Can we release 4.2.4 already?

Brian Devendorf developer at infointegrated.com
Tue May 30 19:18:32 PDT 2006

I would prefer 4.2.4 gets released, as 4.2.3 has so many known bugs.  
I think it would focus the bug reporting for vtiger 4 on the bugs  
that still exist in the product.

On May 30, 2006, at 9:11 PM, Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:

> Allan Bush wrote:
>> Alright, since on one else is making a call I'll do it.
>> 4.2.4 is ready for release.
>> If no one is going to help put it out I'll package up the source and
>> post it on the forums myself.
> Or, it could just be unreleased, and we'll delete the branch. One less
> version to support in the 4.2 series where there are apparently few
> developer resources.
> I'd almost prefer official release of vtigercrm-4.2.5 only, and  
> have the
> vtiger team announce and maintain continuous migration support for
> vtigercrm/trunk from vtigercrm-4.2.5, and all subsequent tagged  
> releases.
> All users could then be responsible for getting themselves to
> vtigercrm-4.2.5 or higher, in prep for a supported vtigercrm-5.0.0
> migration.
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