[Vtigercrm-developers] Code errors/profiling

Joel Rydbeck Joel.Rydbeck at nubrek.com
Mon Mar 13 10:22:15 PST 2006

I've been using Zend Studio to do a lot of my development lately --mainly because it has a solid debugger.  Whenever I run a debug on vtiger, I notice there are a lot of issues.  Roughly every view/form post/etc results in 5-20 of the following issues:

*	Undeclared variables
*	Include headers reference files that don't exist
*	Errors ranging from invalid type assignments to more severe items

Is there something we could put in the release process that would clean this up?  Does anyone else use Zend Studio?  Any interest?  I haven't run a profiler on the app yet, but I'm guessing we could squeeze some performance out of it.


- Joel


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