[Vtigercrm-developers] postgres support in v5

Jeff Kowalczyk jtk at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 27 12:29:29 PDT 2006

Just to see what an automatic merge would accomplish to bring the 4.2
postgresql support to the trunk, I did a dry run merge. Definitely file
this under 'foolhardy merging that would break the trunk in many ways':

In svn update/merge console output, 'U' indicates clean merge of
changesets, 'C' indicates conflicting lines.

This merge testing is done with a trunk checkout:

 URL: http://jeffk@vtiger.fosslabs.com/svn/vtiger/vtigercrm/trunk
 Revision: 5506

Changeset 5306 is the changeset that merged the work from
vtigercrm/branches/4.2_postgresql_integration to the 4.2 branch.

The following files would apparently get clean automatic merges of the
changeset that adds postgresql support to branches/4.2:

 $ svn merge --dry-run
 http://jeffk@vtiger.fosslabs.com/svn/vtiger/vtigercrm/branches/4.2@5306 |
 grep 'U  ' 
 U    modules/Reports/SaveReportFolder.php
 U    modules/Reports/Save.php
 U    modules/Reports/Reports.php
 U    modules/Settings/SaveConvertLead.php
 U    modules/Settings/DeleteCustomField.php
 U    modules/Settings/UpdateComboValues.php
 U    modules/Users/User.php
 U    modules/Users/massdelete.php
 U    modules/Users/updateLeadDBStatus.php
 U    modules/Calendar/appointment.pinc
 U    modules/Import/UsersLastImport.php
 U    include/database/PearDatabase.php
 U    schema/DatabaseSchema.xml

This definitely doesn't mean complete support (in these files) for
postgresql, only that the changesets from the branch would cleanly merge
to the trunk without additional effort.

These (many) other files would have conflict lines added to the source.
This would definitely bring PHP syntax breakage, and require immediate
attention to resolve the conflicts before the code would even run again:

 $ svn merge --dry-run
 http://jeffk@vtiger.fosslabs.com/svn/vtiger/vtigercrm/branches/4.2@5306 |
 grep 'C  '
 C    config.inc.php
 C    modules/Accounts/ListViewTop.php
 C    modules/Accounts/Account.php
 C    modules/Accounts/Popup_picker.php
 C    modules/Accounts/Popup.php
 C    modules/Accounts/ListView.php
 C    modules/Quotes/Quote.php
 C    modules/Quotes/Delete.php
 C    modules/Quotes/Popup.php
 C    modules/Quotes/ListView.php
 C    modules/Potentials/Popup.php
 C    modules/Potentials/ListView.php
 C    modules/Potentials/Opportunity.php
 C    modules/Leads/Popup.php
 C    modules/Leads/Lead.php
 C    modules/Leads/ListView.php
 C    modules/Leads/LeadConvertToEntities.php
 C    modules/Home/UnifiedSearch.php
 C    modules/Notes/Delete.php
 C    modules/Notes/ListView.php
 C    modules/Invoice/Invoice.php
 C    modules/Invoice/ListView.php
 C    modules/Reports/ReportRun.php
 C    modules/Reports/PopulateReports.php
 C    modules/HelpDesk/HelpDesk.php
 C    modules/HelpDesk/ListView.php
 C    modules/Users/SaveProfile.php
 C    modules/Users/SaveOrgSharing.php
 C    modules/Users/LoginHistory.php
 C    modules/Users/saveemailtemplate.php
 C    modules/Users/ListView.php
 C    modules/Users/Security.php
 C    modules/Users/SaveRole.php
 C    modules/Products/Popup.php
 C    modules/Products/AddProductsToPriceBook.php
 C    modules/Products/ListView.php
 C    modules/Products/Delete.php
 C    modules/Products/Product.php
 C    modules/Activities/Activity.php
 C    modules/Activities/ListView.php
 C    modules/Activities/RenderRelatedListUI.php
 C    modules/Activities/OpenListView.php
 C    modules/CustomView/Save.php
 C    modules/CustomView/CustomView.php
 C    modules/Faq/ListView.php
 C    modules/uploads/add2db.php
 C    modules/Emails/Email.php
 C    modules/Emails/ListView.php
 C    modules/Contacts/Contact.php
 C    modules/Contacts/Popup.php
 C    modules/Contacts/ListView.php
 C    data/CRMEntity.php
 C    data/SugarBean.php
 C    include/RelatedListView.php
 C    include/PopulateComboValues.php
 C    install/5createTables.inc.php
 C    install/4createConfigFile.php
 C    install/1checkSystem.php
 C    install/2setConfig.php
 C    install/populateSeedData.php
 C    install/3confirmConfig.php
 C    adodb/adodb.inc.php
 C    adodb/adodb-lib.inc.php
 C    adodb/drivers/adodb-mysql.inc.php

There are a few skipped files, due to move, rename or removal in trunk.

Again, merging and subsequently resolving these many conflicts would by no
means imply completed postgresql support for the trunk.

However, any approach that brings the trunk and maintained branches closer
together would be a positive thing.

Once vtigercrm-5.0.0 is in production, certainly people will want to
back-port selected features, and forward-port bug fixes during the long
lifecycle of the vtigercrm-4.2.x series. Minimizing diffs between
branches always makes that process easier.

Just FYI. I don't think this merge (except for the 'U' files) would do
any good at this point. Allan can probably move through the trunk codebase
quicker with his method.

Note: svn revert doesn't undo conflict messages AFAICT. If you try this
merge without the --dry-run option, be prepared to check out a fresh trunk
working copy after you are done examining the results.

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