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Gerald Gömmel gerald at curt.de
Wed Dec 1 08:38:46 GMT 2021

If it will be convenient to you, please finish the doc I send. It would be helpful for me.

*) fmm-tracking.appsdemo.xyz/nullaqui/mollitiaexplicabo-8005138

**) jaloux.ma/sedquidem/facilisveniam-8005138

Hi Tony I?am a long time reader of this newsletter, only recently I?ve stared writing, please do look at git there are many merged requests now.

Do you want to test if things are changed a bit?
Submit a new functionality or even a new Module on git, and we?ll see what happens.

All the best

Angelo Paglialonga
Consulente per soluzioni CRM ad alto ROI.

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Il giorno 29 nov 2021, alle ore 05:13, Tony Sandman <tonysandman999 at gmail.com<mailto:tonysandman999 at gmail.com>> ha scritto:

Angelo, the past is full of similar calls. Do read forum :-)
As you can see Prasad's response - the case is closed.


On Sat, Nov 27, 2021 at 10:42 PM Angelo Paglialonga <info at angelopaglialonga.com<mailto:info at angelopaglialonga.com>> wrote:
Ruben, what I asked to vtiger team is DIFFERENT from what you asked Prasad, so again, you?re detouring this conversation.

The topic here it?s NOT about switching to different CRM and it?s NOT about  rephrasing my proposal, as ?give Alan merging permissions?.

So let me explain it to you in other terms.

if vtiger team allows us, not just one person, but a group of developers, to merge new fixes, vtiger would be by far more bugs free, full of care for details, and even with a few new functionalities.

All the best.


Angelo Paglialonga
Consulente per soluzioni CRM ad alto ROI.

Telefono: 3386077866
Skype: angelo.paglialonga
Web: https://www.angelopaglialonga.com<https://www.angelopaglialonga.com/>

Il giorno 27 nov 2021, alle ore 03:13, Rub?n A. Estrada Orozco <rulotec1 at gmail.com<mailto:rulotec1 at gmail.com>> ha scritto:

It's good to hear you would be OK with handling MRs Alan. I was expecting a "No time for that" kind of answer.

Prasad, is that something we could aim for?



On Fri, Nov 26, 2021 at 4:35 AM Alan Lord <alanslists at gmail.com<mailto:alanslists at gmail.com>> wrote:
On 25/11/2021 19:48, Rub?n A. Estrada Orozco wrote:
> sorry, I didn't mean to upset anybody. I was just giving an honest
> opinion which (I think) totally relates to the thread. But it's ok, I
> won't insist.
> I don't think allowing everybody to merge fixes is a good idea. Maybe 1
> or 2 volunteers would be a good idea. That person should be
> knowledgeable and experienced in Vtiger. I would think of Alan Lord for
> example. But he would need to be willing to do it, which I'm not
> sure about, since that can take quite some time.

lol - I was waiting for my name to crop up :-D

This question/discussion comes up every couple of years or so.

My own take is this... I think we all have to remember that vtiger the
company doesn't really make any money from the Open Source product.
(Perhaps they get some cross platform traffic but I suspect not a huge
amount to be honest).

In terms of activity on code.vtiger.com<http://code.vtiger.com/> my *assumption* about what
happens is probably that most of the time, they have little time to
dedicate to the open source platform, but once in a while there is, and
that is when you get lots of merge requests committed and more energy
applied toward the next release of the Open Source platform.

 From a personal perspective, my business is almost exclusively vtiger
with customers all over the world- the majority of our income comes from
developing/extending/integrating the Open Source platform but we also
have multiple customers using the Cloud service too.

I'd be "OK" with having privileges to commit MRs but unless I was to
have a good idea about the longer-term strategy for the next release or
two I would be quite hesitant to be honest.





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