[Vtigercrm-developers] upgrade to 7.2

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 08:54:20 GMT 2019

On 12/11/2019 17:02, Rubén A. Estrada Orozco wrote:
> Hi Uma,
> Thanks for your quick reply.
> My question is regarding why, when upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2, the 7.0.1 
> -> 7.1.0 database changes are taking place.
> The migration did fail, but that's something unrelated (I think). It 
> failed in the 701_to_710.php schema script in the following section:
> image.png
> It failed in the case of custom two modules "AutomatedBackup" 
> (VTExperts) and "ITS4YouReports" (ITS4YOU). What I did is I added both 
> to the $restrictedModules array (as you can see above) and that way the 
> script could complete.

Just as an aside, this bit of code was really broken a little while ago. 
It made the assumption that all cf tables were simply the same name as 
the basetable + "cf" at the end which was completely wrong. Fortunately 
my contribution was accepted and made it into 7.2.0.


Your issue about having to add module names to the restrictedModules 
array is one I have also suffered from.

What I have done in my own migration scripts (I have modified all of 
them, fixed loads of bugs, and run them from the command line) is to 
only retrieve Entity Modules (not all modules) and then do a test for 
the module's class file before proceeding:

>         $moduleModels = Vtiger_Module_Model::getEntityModules();
>         $badModuleNames = array('Dashboard', 'Home', 'Rss', 'Portal', 'Webmails', 'Import');
>         foreach ($moduleModels as $moduleModel) {
>             $moduleName = $moduleModel->getName();
>             if(in_array($moduleName, $badModuleNames)) {
>                     continue;
>                 if(!class_exists($moduleName)) {
>                     continue;
>                 }
>             }

then the script processes the $moduleModel as before...

Maybe this is better?

But unfortunately I can't answer your question as to why 701_to-710.php 
should be run when migrating from 7.1.0 to 7.2.0...


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