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I think as a programmer,  this forum and a git repo would be enough to do
great things. Vtiger may have to decide how they can utilize the community
to the contribution more effectively than now.

Still programmers like me have less contribution because of timelines
restricts to contribute much. But a well organized community can plug in
and use the busiest people more efficiently through effective distribution.

Sutharsan Jeganathan

On Fri, Jul 5, 2019 at 9:36 AM rahul <info at crmtiger.com> wrote:

> I would suggest we've to RESPECT vTiger for what they did for OpenSource
> Community.
> Many companies here Directly or Indirectly making profit out of selling
> OpenSource Solutions of vTiger.
> There may be the case that they are working hard to maintain OpenSource
> version of vTiger.
> We all have to support them in terms of maintaining their
> forums,discussions
> etc..
> I seen that how community in SalesForce & Odoo is active To make them #1 in
> their software category.
> I would request we've to schedule online meeting to know each other, share
> ideas and brainstorming.
> Please suggest We're interested to have a Online Conference for vTiger.
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