[Vtigercrm-developers] Discussion about Sidebar in Vtiger 7

Stefan Warnat ich at stefanwarnat.de
Thu Mar 16 11:14:18 GMT 2017


I would like to discuss some topics about the missing sidebar in DetailView
of Vtiger 7 and how you solve this "problem".

At first I would do a Pro/Contra list about the sidebar, because I'm not
fully sure if it is really a bad decision to remove it.


   - Missing Sidebar do not require to be loaded on page load, which
   increase the performance. (I think VT7 have a great performance)
   - The available place for information is much bigger


   - Some type of functions are better be placed within something like a
   sidebar, because it start some processes or do not belong do "informations"
   - On my 27' screen, the place for information is too big.
   The left and right column are too far away to have a good clarity. But I
   could understand on default 20' screens it is better.

In any way, I need such function to provide the option to trigger Processes
in DetailView.
I cannot expect a "default" employee of a company know how to use if I hide
it behind a button/link.
And I think for the PDFMaker *@Matus* it is also a must have to get fast
access to Templates.

I think we should discuss a solution we share, because any other way would
result in a big and wild viewport, where every developer apply his
functions on another place.

One idea I had but discard, was to show a combined fixed layer bottom right
or top center within this screen. But it will probably overlay information,
which is not a solution.

Another idea I had, was to simple "add" a sidebar by javascript, next to
the detailview form.
But to make this looking good, a flexbox supporting browser is required and
IE < 11 do not support this. (Flexbox is required if it should be a
responsive solution)
A test I created is this: http://redoo.click/stefan/Screen03161200371.png
I think it is looking good.

But one single developer cannot do this, because it is a wasted space for
only 1 or 2 modules.
If we could share a JS Function, DB Table, which do this and check if
already another module apply this sidebar into the browser, we could
implement a powerful sidebar. Extensibility by other plugins and Events in
PHP and JavaScript will assure to make it usable by every dev.

*@Vtiger Devs*: Why not implement the listview sidebar in this way of
layout to make a clear separation between list and sidebar. The solution
you choose to combine both within one container is confusing.

I'm happy to hear, if such collaboration is possible.



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