[Vtigercrm-developers] Important: UTF-8 issue in PDF invoice - vtiger 5.3.0./5.2.1. - Resolved

Holbok István holbok at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 00:17:01 PST 2011

Hi vtiger Team,

I did a short investigation and the issue described below is resolved.

The built in "Times" fonts of TCPDF (set on the vtiger instance) are not 
valid UTF-8 fonts. It means this "Times" has not include ŐŰ and őű (o 
and u with double quote)

In the file:  ....\vtlib\Vtiger\PDF\TCPDF.php *we should change* the 
About line: 20
  //        $this->setFontFamily('times');


Forum post about this issue:

freeserif or dejavusans contains ŐŰ and őű (o and u with double quote)

I suggest to use freeserif or dejavusans instead of times fonts.

Kindest regards:
Istvan Holbok

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Hi vtiger Team,

There is a hard to find UTF-8/i18n issue in PDF system of vtiger

The attached sample Invoice (vtiger 5.3.0.) will show this issue. Al 
letters of "őűŐŰ" was changed into the ? mark. There are some hardcoded 
language definition also in the invoice module but it is not problem, I 
should add them into the Hungarian language files.

There are a sequence of special non ASCII characters in Hungarian language.

*öüóőúéáűí and ÖÜÓŐÚÉÁŰÍ*

Hard to find this bug, because ISO-8859-1 also contains most of these 
characters. The checking point is *őűŐŰ*

"őűŐŰ" will appear in the character set if the encoding is ISO-8859-2 or 
UTF-8 (or Central European Windows ).

If "őűŐŰ" is changed into ? mark, then somewhere the character encoding 
is turned over to the default  ISO-8859-1.

I have looked for this turning over point in the PDF system also, but 
did not find.

Interesting that this issue was experienced on the fresh installed 
5.3.0, in the migrated 5.3.0 from 5.2.1 and in the 5.2.1 also.

Easy to repeat this bug:
In a sample instance of vtiger 5.3.0 (with sample data) enough to change 
the first product name to the string containing:  öüóőúéáűíÖÜÓŐÚÉÁŰÍ

After creating a PDF invoice using this product name (with 
öüóőúéáűíÖÜÓŐÚÉÁŰÍ ) you will see ? mark instead of "őűŐŰ"

Somebody has any idea how to correct it?



Holbok István
telefon: +3670-342-0900
e-mail: holbok at gmail.com <mailto:holbok at gmail.com>

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