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David V. davidv.net at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 10:01:45 PST 2010

Hi everyone !

Does anyone has a solution (or any clue) about the problem Miguel is
describing below ?

If you make a query to retrieve information about a module A and that module
A is related to another module B, you will not be able to retrieve the
content of the field that makes the connection between module A and module

David V.

2010/2/16 Miguel Angel Perez <miguel.perez at madiasoft.com>

> Hello everybody!
> I have a problem with the webservices and my modules made with the vtlib. I
> dont know but maybe it's a bug.
> I've created two modules with the vtlib (Mds_bordereaux and Mds_tournees).
> Every record in Mds_tournees have some records of Mds_bordereaux linked to
> it. In vtiger works fine. But with the webservices I have some problems.
> When I try to do a doQuery like this ($query = "SELECT * FROM Mds_bordereaux
> WHERE date_rec LIKE '".$today."'";) I obtain all the fields with their
> informations but, the field which has the Mds_tournee information (the field
> that appear with the link to the Mds_tournee in Vtiger), it's empty.
> I've tried also to put the query in the vtbrowser, and I have the same
> problem, the field which is related to the other module it's empty.
> But, it's a problem I have only with the modules make with the vtlib,
> because Mds_bordereaux it's linked also with the module Accounts, and with
> this module it works fine.
> So, it seems that webservices have a problem when you try to have
> information about related modules that are created with the vtlib. I don't
> know if somebody has the same problem.
> I need some help to solve the problem.
> If you need more information you only have to ask.
> Thanks in advance for your responses.
> P.D. Sorry about my English...
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