[Vtigercrm-developers] vtlib 2.1 is now available!

Prasad prasad at vtiger.com
Fri Jan 9 22:37:29 PST 2009

Dear vtigers,

I have fixed minor issues that was in earlier package, kindly use the
updated version of vtlib 2.1

Thank you

vtiger Team

On 1/7/09, Prasad <prasad at vtiger.com> wrote:
> Dear vtigers,
> I'm happy to inform you of the release of vtlib<http://forge.vtiger.com/projects/vtlib/>
> *2.1* today. This version adds some key features, and provides several
> useful APIs to make it easy to build new modules, and customize the
> functionality of vtiger CRM.
> Thanks to the community for their valuable support and feedback on earlier
> versions.
> Following are some of the highlights of the new features bundled in vtlib
> 2.1 <http://forge.vtiger.com/frs/?group_id=174&release_id=480>
> * *Language Pack Installation*
> Language Packs are now treated as a special type of module, which can be
> installed or upgraded using Module Manager.
> * *Upgrading Modules *
> Module Manager provides basic support to upgrade custom modules developed
> using vtlib
> * *Custom Actions for Module*
> You can add custom actions that open web links for your module. These links
> are displayed on the DetailView. Using this feature, custom actions like Add
> Event, Export to PDF can be provided easily.
> * *Tooltip for Module Field*
> vtlib provides an API to set Tooltip text for the module field which could
> be useful in educating the users when they are in Create/Edit view.
> Please check out the documentation for more details. Kindly share your
> feedback with us.
> vtlib 2.1 Download URL:
> http://forge.vtiger.com/frs/?group_id=174&release_id=480
> *ZohoMeeting Integration Module for vtiger CRM*
> With the new capabilities of vtlib 2.1, we developed an integration module
> for ZohoMeeting.
> We used the Custom Actions feature to add ZohoMeeting links for vtiger
> calendar events.
> You can download this extension from here: ZohoMeeting-1.0<http://forge.vtiger.com/frs/?group_id=187&release_id=479>
> Regards,
> Prasad
> vtiger Team
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