[Vtigercrm-developers] questions about support tickets ?

Andrew Rodes arodes at onweald.com
Mon Jan 14 09:01:12 PST 2008


I have worked with systems at hosting companies in the past ( I have worked
for a few over the years), and the best way to attack the problem your
trying to solve that I have seen was to have asset based ticketing so that
if an asset has a modification or problem, its quickly seen on all customer
accounts that also use that asset.

 Unfortunately, vtiger does not support true assets to customer
relationships or asset based ticketing although several community members
have asked about it for over 2 years (or maybe longer .. I don't know).

This functionality is in the major commercial ticketing products out there
as I have used many including remedy and Siebel which handle it nicely.


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Mickie M wrote:
> Dear Greg,
> 1. we have used the crmid as ticketid where as crmid is common for all 
> modules and unique. After a ticket creation if you create other 
> entities like leads, accounts, contacts, etc., then the crmid will 
> keep increasing. Now if you create a ticket again then the sequencial 
> crmid will be used as ticketid.
Thanks for the explanation it makes sense now .
> 2. As of now you cannot add multiple accounts or contacts with a 
> single ticket. The ticket may be related with a single contact or 
> account. It will be good if you let us know the real time scenario for 
> this work. So that we will take this up in our future release.
I work in an it company and our main business is hosting and vpn support 
.. for example "I made changes to our mail server and would like to 
attach the ticket to all the accounts / contacts / users it will impact, 
so that if there is an issue and I'm not available someone else will be 
able to pickup the ticket and run with it. No matter who brings up the 
Hope that makes sense ..

> Kindly let us know for further informations.
> Thanks & Regards
> Mickie
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>     Gregory Machin wrote:
>     > Hi
>     > I have 2 questions
>     > 1) The ticket numbers seem to jump up with out logical reason
>     why is that ?
>     > 2) how can I add the account field to the template ?
>     >
>     > using vtiger 5.4
>     >
>     > Greg
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>     ooops I just relised that question number 2 is wrong .. I need to be
>     able to add multiple contacts and accounts ..
>     Thanks
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