[Vtigercrm-developers] A challenging problem for you guru vtiger developers out there

Andrew Rodes arodes at onweald.com
Sat Jan 12 09:48:03 PST 2008

Ok , I have 2 vtiger environments in question. From what I can tell they are
very similar expect for point release difference of apache 2.2 ,  mysql 5.0,
and php 5.2



The have basically the same php.ini, mysql.ini and http.conf


The weird part is that one one environment pop up lists are taking 4 times
longer to load then the other. For example, when creating a new trouble
ticket, if you pop up the contacts list to select a contact, it takes 12-15
seconds, on the other environment its 3-4. (same exact database . number of
records etc)


I turned on debugging and found out a very weird thing that looks like it
might be some php or mysql  setting, but I cant figure it out quick enough.



In popup.php, there is a line of code that assigns a variable to the result
of a mysql query. However, in one environment it returns the entire list of
records, and in the other environment it returns just an object reference.
WHY would it be returning different result data types. Any ideas?



$list_result = $adb->query($query);


Environment 1 debugging: (very slow) (the parameters for
getSearchListViewEntries are


DEBUG contact_list - Entering
d,email,phone,smownerid,crmid ..ect etc etc for 500+ lines in debug log with
the rows of data


Environment 2 debugging (fast)


DEBUG contact_list - Entering
getSearchListViewEntries(Contacts,Contacts,Object id #40,Array) method ...


Any ideas???

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