[Vtigercrm-developers] Hi all

Andres Mauricio Mujica andres.mujica at seaq.com.co
Sun Oct 14 11:08:07 PDT 2007

Just wanted to introduce myself, i'm not a developer -i don't have the needed 
skills-  but i do know some vary basic aspects on the area that at least are 
useful for our purposes at the company i work for.

We're vtiger users from v4.2 after a brief sugarcrm usage period, We've used 
some of the community driven improvements and plugins and we're in overall 
happy with our vtiger experience.

Obvioulsy as users, we had some troubles with lack of features and bugs 
present at this very stage of vtiger but we are faithful in the future of 
this project and -besides some internal push to go back to sugar- we're 
standing up on this choice.

We believe in open source and we do believe in you guys.  Things like the get 
together meeting held in brescia seem to be shortening the gaps between 
developer team and community, so we hope that it goes that way.

We're looking forward for the 5.04 release (helping as little as we can) and 
with major expectations of 5.1 and it's improved campaign module. We are sure 
that the 6.0 release would be a great hit and success, making vtiger bigger 
than it is now, so be sure to get prepared with a great working ecosystem.

So keep up with the great work !!!

Andrés Mauricio Mujica Zalamea
Consultor Linux RHCE #804005093216652
Tel: (57) 1 6559800
Fax: (57) 1 6559802

Brindamos soluciones en el Área de Servidores, Sistemas de Seguridad de 
Internet (Internet Security Appliance), Telefonía IP, y Migración a Linux. 

Somos su aliado en soluciones Linux.


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