[Vtigercrm-developers] Browser freezing on big attachment downloads

Mickie mickie at vtiger.com
Mon Apr 9 04:13:51 PDT 2007

Dear Rene,

Thanks for your fix. 
We will definitely take your suggestions and integrate your fix with our product for the coming 5.0.3 release.

If you want svn access to commit it by yourself then you can ask to richie at vtiger.com

Please let us know if you need any further informations.
Thanks & Regards

----rene.herrmann at gmx.ch wrote ---- 

                                                                                    Hi all,
I had a problem after enabling bigger attachments (>50MB) with the
customer portal.
Downloading such huge attachments (it is good to have huge attachments
for making patch releases to customers) let the browser crash.
This was because the file content gets stored into a session variable.
I documented this issue and proposed code for a solution:

please check this, sorry I forgot to post a diff, so just tell me if
you like my idea and I will post a diff so you could commit.
I would also be willing to commit it by myself, if you give me access
and some info how you do reviews or quality checks.

kind regards

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