[Vtigercrm-developers] Available money - Total fields missing in Invoices, Quotes, PO & SO reports - Should this be...

Ivar Simpkins (prt) isimpkins at premierrealm.com
Wed Oct 11 11:28:21 PDT 2006

Hi all,


Am I missing the plot again. 


When creating a report on the following objects: 

Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Invoices 

there are no ‘Total Amount’ field selection possibilities. This would be
Invoice amount, Sales Order amount etc.


I reconstructed the events and 



getColumnsListbyBlock($module,$block) in the
\modules\Reports\reports.php class file


This produces the following (+-) Sql statement


SELECT * FROM vtiger_field
WHERE vtiger_field.uitype !=50
AND `tablename` = 'vtiger_potential'
AND vtiger_field.displaytype
IN ( 1, 2 ) ORDER BY sequence


I used 'vtiger_potential' as it has a type 71 – money field in it.
Trying the same SQL statement on Invoices etc, there is no sign of the
‘vtiger_invoice.total’ field.


So the questions that arise are:


1)       Are there not supposed to be money fields in Quotes, Sales
Orders, Purchase Orders and Invoices by design  (would be disappointing)

2)       Is this a bug

3)       Can I include an appropriate entry into ‘vtiger_field’ and just
see what happens – follow it from there.


Any ideas on this would be much appreciated.


Version: vt 5.0.1 – svn 9621 – XP


This vTiger is like a fractal puzzle, the deeper you delve, the more
beautiful it becomes,

Big thanks to all the team and community – the limits to this creation
are just where you set them.







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