[Vtigercrm-developers] postgres support in v5

Jeff Kowalczyk jtk at yahoo.com
Mon May 15 19:51:53 PDT 2006

Allan Bush wrote:
> Richie,
> Postgres is coming along, not as quickly as I had hoped but it's getting
> there.  The installation process is working now and their aren't too
> many problems with normal navigation.

To clarify, Allan's changes aren't expected to impact mysql users in any
way. Postgresql support will take some time to achieve parity with mysql
support, but that shouldn't interfere with your normal
vtigercrm-5.0.0beta1 release objectives. I think its fine to say in the
release notes that mysql support is farther along than postgresql for this

> The biggest hurdle right now (other then just plain lack of time on my
> part) is with the state of flux of the code base.  Jeff is doing a great
> job syncing the branch up all the time, but the large amount of change
> requires a lot of re-testing on our part.  I think the best course of
> action right now is to merge the branch back into the trunk.

Allan, Joel and I have discussed this, and concur. Keeping everyone on the
trunk will increase the amount of eyes for testers.

> Mering the postgres branch this will free up more time for Jeff to work
> on other fixes

Yes, I'd prefer to be working on whitespace cleanup of SQL queries in the

> and I don't foresee any more breakage as all changes from here on are
> simply fixing queries one at a time as we come across problems.

This is the reason I want start cleaning up the formatting of SQL right
away. Allan's changes to make proper use of adodb (where are not
presently) will be a general bug fix, IMHO. The fact that they enable
postgresql support is just the initial benefit, leading to wider database
backend support later on.

> The biggest advantage I see with dropping the branch is if we find a bug
> we won't have to concern ourselves with if it's a postgres only bug or
> not and we'll just be able to fix it without worrying about duplicating
> the effort of one of your guys.

> this will allow us to split the long sql queries into multiple lines so
> that SVN can track the changes better

This is the main benefit. I want to see queries use many vertical lines,
so that the pending release and maintenance branches can become mergeable.

> Merging the branch just before the next validation round would be
> prefect timing and unless Jeff or Joel say otherwise I think it's ready
> to be merged at anytime now.

Unless anyone objects, I'd like to do this soon. I would merge at the end
of the vtiger team's workday. Anybody having a preference for the best day
to do it, speak up.

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