[Vtigercrm-developers] win/bin installer

Fathi Boudra fboudra at free.fr
Wed Mar 8 23:33:29 PST 2006


mail sent and reply of mike:
>i reverted install/config.template to config.template.php, please let it like 

Ok, I'll leave it alone. :)

>So my idea is to patch the template with their needed variable.
>As they use source installer and this one is ok, we must focus on how they 
>handle this without breaking nothing. the win/bin installer collects 
>parameters, then they patch the config.template.php, adding (their needed 
>variable already filled):
>$mysql_dir = 'mustbefilledwithcorrectvalue'; 
>$mysql_bundled = 'mustbefilledwithcorrectvalue';
>$apache_dir = 'mustbefilledwithcorrectvalue';
>$apache_bin = 'mustbefilledwithcorrectvalue';
>$apache_conf = 'mustbefilledwithcorrectvalue';
>$apache_port = 'mustbefilledwithcorrectvalue';
>$apache_bundled = 'mustbefilledwithcorrectvalue';
>then they call the source installer as usual and continue ...
>They tell me that you have something else in mind.

I thought they were going to bypass the source installer with the bin 
installer just like the ubuntu/debian package install. Just call "php 
install.php" to do the database population and you're done.

I also told Philip to copy config.template.php to config.inc.php thinking he 
was going to replace all keywords during the exe/bin installation so as soon 
as the exe/bin installer is finished,you can login to vtiger.

But if you want to have the config.template.php file changed instead 
that's fine.


final words, if you use source installer to finish installation, you can use 
the method "patch template". If you bypass source installer, i agree with 
mike, you can copy template to inc and do your add-in on it.

2 differents solutions to same problem.

i'm for the solution where you do all installation stuff in installer without 
using source installer in "3rd party" package (i mean not source installer).



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