[Vtigercrm-developers] Naming conventions

Fathi Boudra fboudra at free.fr
Thu Aug 31 04:23:03 PDT 2006

Le jeudi 24 août 2006 17:05, Jeff Kowalczyk a écrit :
> Agree, lets plan on .z being almost unheard of. The only solid example I
> can think of is a mysteriously corrupt .tar.gz or .zip, where the archive
> corruption is fixed next time you make the archives from the same source
> files (e.g. svn export).
> In that case, I would think it appropriate to append a .z (e.g. .1) after
> the latest released w.x.y and upload the new archives to the download
> point.
> Let's say that anything that has an identifiable problem and an action
> taken to fix it would count as a bug, and increments the .y
> The bugfix action(s) should almost always be in the form of source commits
> or svn:property commits to the repository. Fix the repository, then make
> new release archives from a fresh svn export.
> There is nothing wrong with a .y release that follows only minutes after
> the last one. If one finds a critical bug, fix it and make a .y release
> ASAP. Every project has a few Brown Paper Bag releases.

sorry for the late reply...
Agree too, we're in sync.



PS: small typo to fix
2setConfig.php:368:                     No Database Support Deteched

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