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Aïssa webmaster at vtigerfacile.com
Sun Aug 20 07:12:23 PDT 2006

Hi all,
i am working on SLA management for module HelpDesk.
Goal is to have vtiger for supporter.
Actually, all is based on customs fields, and just fews files modified 
to work (asked by customer, they want to be standard at least 90%)

HomePage (see atteched) display informations about tickets (vtiger 
classic), and graph about "My ticket" priority.
(I think i can be a good improvement for future to have a role based 
graph on homepage).

The account module has a new custom dropdown called SLA, the manager can 
select hour value for engagement.

On HelpDesk, i also add a customfield (hidden) to store time between now 
and ticket opened (value only modified if the ticket is not closed).
The goal is to have report on ticket sla (like avg time to answer, nb of 
ticket where sla elapsed...)
A cron task update the sla field ticket.

The HelpDesk listview display a new small graph for remaining time, the 
time remaining / the account sla.
The workflow is, you for your contact (or the contact via customer 
portal) open a ticket, the script search for account sla for this 
contact and update the field.
Also an small module called "followMyTicket" created to pass the vtiger 
CRM security model, the goal is for a supporter to follow a ticket re 
assigned (to another supporter or manager).
The module search into tickets log to see if the supporter name appear, 
if found, the supporter can follow the ticket issue.

This is an customer order, i can't share in public for the moment, but 
the customer want to see that on vtiger core in the future, they are 
sensitive to open source spirit (and i always recommand to share). If 
developpers (no leechers) have an interrest with this and want to 
collaborate/Help/share, i'm open to share more details and code in 
private and you are welcome.
After customer deliver and satisfaction, we can publish for Community 
without problem.

Improvments to come (today/night i hope):
- escalation : if the ticket sla remaing less than X -->ticket re 
assigned to -->Manager, email send to criminal ;-) supporter & to the 

Improvment for future (i hope),
- esclalation management rule in vtiger setting,
- ticket assignation management rule in vtiger settings,
- Full Integration with vtiger standard,
- Trash (to definivly delete an entity)

Best regards,

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