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Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 09:43:58 GMT 2021

See attached image.

I have a rather "picky" customer who would like to reduce some of the 
wasted "white-space" in list view columns.

I've just spent a good deal of time looking in my browser's developer 
tools at the layout below to try and find why some columns (highlighted 
in image), where the field values are never going to be very wide, take 
up so much horizontal space?

I can't find any min-width settings in stylesheets. I did however find a 
<colgroup> with <col> tags that have hardcoded width style settings. 
This suggests to me these are being calculated on-the-fly in the client 
(browser) code and set by some bit of javascript somewhere...

Take for example the "Sales No." column (translated from "Sales Order 
No" to see if changing if the width the title made any difference - it 
didn't). This will always, for now at least only ever consist of two 
letters followed by a hyphen followed by up to 5 digits, e.g.


And yet the column in the colgroup is

<col style="width: 156.333px;">

This is a similar issue with the column called "Rep.". This will only 
ever be 2 characters,

The Rep col is set:

<col style="width: 106px;">

And the Site Postcode. A UK Postcode is pretty much always of the format:


Yet the Postcode column is also:

<col style="width:156.333px;">

Does anyone know how I can tweak the widths of columns in this table 
layout? Basically I would like to be able to reduce the width of some 
columns so they better fit the contents, but I can't find where the 
width is being controlled/calculated.


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