[Vtigercrm-developers] vtiger 7.0 delete option in filter deletes records too

lucia digirolamo l.digirolamo at websonica.net
Thu Sep 27 15:04:57 GMT 2018

Hi, I just noticed something weird on my vtiger 7.0:

- go to a module (eg: organizations)

- create a new list under MY LIST in the left sidebar and populate this 
list with some records

- click on the little arrow near the name of the list and choose delete

What I expect: only the list under MY LIST is deleted, not the records 
inside it also.

What actually happens: the list under MY LIST is deleted but also the 
records inside the list are deleted

If I have a trash icon for the records and another trash icon for the 
list, shouldn't the latter delete only the list? If both the icons do 
the same thing, what's the point of having both? If I delete a filter, I 
expect only the filter to be deleted not the records as well

Is this intended behaviour? How am I supposed to get rid of a list 
without deleting the records too?

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