[Vtigercrm-developers] vtlib, setRelatedModules() associative array does not create a related list.

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 17:54:35 GMT 2018

It seems you are partially correct...

I think what that is for is as I mentioned on your ticket:




On 29/10/2018 17:35, Alan Lord wrote:
> On 29/10/2018 16:52, Martin Allen wrote:
>> If you look at the code in vtlib, it defaults the related list 
>> function to get_dependents_list, and inserts the field id of the 
>> related field that we just related to this module.
> Not in vtiger 7.1.1:
>   function setRelatedList($moduleInstance, $label = '', $actions = 
> false, $function_name = 'get_related_list', $fieldId = null) {
> get_related_list is suitable for the n:n relationship using the 
> vtiger_crmentityrel table.
>> It also /attempts /to get the actions (Add & Select) using the call to 
>> Vtiger_Module_Model::getRelationshipActions() which /should/ return 
>> Array('ADD','SELECT')
> If you wanted to use get_dependents_list then SELECT will not work as 
> this implies you would be replacing the value in the source field of the 
> record being selected; and vtiger has no way of dealing with that at the 
> moment anyway.
> Still not sure what benefit there would be of using an associative array 
> as you originally suggested. With the changes since v6 vtiger supports 
> having multiple related lists of the same module (maybe with different 
> functions or from a different source field) - using your mechanism would 
> not work at all in that scenario.
> Al
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