[Vtigercrm-developers] vtlib, setRelatedModules() associative array does not create a related list.

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 16:31:48 GMT 2018

Err, but you also need to specify which function to call to generate the 
related list of data and also what features are available from the 
related List, e.g. "ADD, SELECT"...

Can't see how that would work some how, unless I am missing the point.


On 29/10/2018 16:04, Martin Allen wrote:
> When creating a field using vtlib it is possible to pass an associative 
> array to setRelatedModules() function which SHOULD create a related list 
> in the related module.
> However it never correctly creates the list, as it can't call the 
> function Vtiger_Module_Model::getRelationshipActions() .
> e.g. $field1->setRelatedModules(Array('Contacts'=>'Accounts')) should 
> create a related list in Contacts module labelled 'Accounts', relating 
> to the module that the field was in.
> Are we missing a include/require?? (Only including 
> vtlib/Vtiger/Module.php and Field.php and Block.php)
> We tried including /modules/Vtiger/models/Module.php but still can't get 
> it working??
> Any ideas, as the ability to add a related field and its equivalent 
> related list in one call would be a great time saver!!
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