[Vtigercrm-developers] Odd issue with Quick Create Popup...

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 10:41:15 GMT 2018

I am at a loss even where to start trying to debug this one.

When a user goes to the Calendar and clicks on the edit pencil icon for 
an event, or double clicks somewhere to create a new event, the Edit 
Event Quick Create popup is loaded.

However, when you click the Save button, the button gets greyed out 
(disabled) and the popup stays and no POST request is generated to save 
the form. If I then click the cancel button to close the Popup, then 
perform the same procedure again (without re-loading the Calendar page) 
and the Save button works as it should.

The ONLY difference I can see, is that when the Quickview Edit Popup is 
first loaded, in the Javascript console I get a "Synchronous 
XMLHttprequest warning generated by the csrf-magic.js library. But any 
subsequent loads of the Quickcreate popup, without refreshing the 
Calendar View page itself, does not generate this warning. Screenshots 
of the two procedures attached - you can see in the "subsequent load" 
image there is no warning message generated. This may well be a 
red-herring of course.

Otherwise, everything looks the same. The POST request params are 
identical, the form parameters are the same, event listeners are the same...

This is a fairly customised system so it's probably something I have 
done, rather than a bug in vtiger, but comparing the javascript 
libraries and the template files for the various modules etc. against a 
clean pull from the master branch of vtiger doesn't reveal anything that 
looks suspect to me.

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions as to where to start looking?


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