[Vtigercrm-developers] Vtiger 7.1 Features Development

Chris Thompson cthompson at moderas.org
Mon Sep 25 14:35:46 GMT 2017

How about just a simple Thank You without all the caveats?  


No, all the bugs won’t be fixed (in any release anywhere) and no they’re not going to stop enhancing the platform.  You’re the customers they have… they’re trying to get the customers they don’t have and trying to keep up with dozens of other CRM platforms. They’re a company, they’re trying to keep the lights on over there so have a little patience.




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hi VT developers,


THANK YOU for this - very promising.


Next on the list would be a stable version, so no more features - just bugfixes. And I'm pretty sure you can get the community to help if you will allow us :)







On 25 September 2017 at 15:47, Boris CLEMENT <b.clement at abo-s.com> wrote:

Hi vtiger,

It's nice to heard some news features on vtiger 7.
We are still waiting for a stable version to migrate our customer on vtiger 7.x .



Le 25/09/2017 à 15:15, Satish Dvnk a écrit :

Hi All,


We would like to update you that we have been working on Vtiger OS V7.1 features and planning to release it in couple of weeks. Following are the list of features including differed issues from previous version.


Features :

Follow A Record (Click on Star icon to follow a record. By following any record, you get updates on it as other users of your organization modify the record. these updates are notified to you via channels enabled in the Notification Center Settings. De-select the Star icon to unfollow the record.)
Duplicate Record Prevention (Prevent duplicate records in Vtiger from all sources by enabling duplicate check)
Webform Attachments (Allow user to attach files to web forms)
Import Users Using .CSV file (Supports importing User data using .csv file.)
Other fixes :

Product Issues
Usability Issues
Please review the features here and we have been working on validation bugs, usability issues and extension's reviews. We believe that your contribution towards validation bugs/usability issue are more helpful to make release process smoother.






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