[Vtigercrm-developers] Vtiger 7 Upgrade - Popups Freezing Browser

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 13:06:35 GMT 2017

On 27/10/17 13:26, Marco Roello wrote:
> checked schema differences with this tool:
> mysqldbcompare --server1=root:pwd at localhost --server2=root:pwd at localhost 
> --difftype=sql vtigercrm_tomigrate:vtigercrm7_clean --run-all-tests 
> --skip-row-count --skip-data-check --skip-table-options  > schema-diff.log

That's cool :-) I didn't know about that.

> Anyone knows a way to re-apply the scripts in /modules/Migration/schema? 
> Is there a risk to have record duplicates?

Nope. The migration scripts are pretty dumb. They do not "know" if they 
have already been run or not. You really have to drop the database, 
re-install your backup of the original and run again. Repeat until it works.

> In my opinion the migration progress should be stronger, and repetible, 
> to ensure schema and data consistency

Agreed. But I very much doubt that will happen in the short term.

Hint: try converting the migration scripts to run from the php cli. It 
is much more manageable - although probably only worth it if you do a 
lot of migrations.


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