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That I don't earn money from upgrading is not really true, but I earn money
on other paths. But you are true, that I'm not fully depend on the income
from my modules.
I use the module within our own implementations for clients and save a huge
amount of time, because I could "use" a default employee, without
development skills and he could build most individual crm systems and most
complex processes.
So the module is working and required in any way.
And: My other modules, different then Workflow Designer don't get lifetime
updates anymore, because it is like Simone wrote. Some modules, which work
in frontend for enduser, must adjusted to a new "User experience".

But: Regardless if the update is free for lifetime, my clients don't get
lifetime support for my modules. Only lifetime updates.
If they crash the crm with the update, they will get support only on a very
low level.

I think 400€ is a good price for upgrading everything, excerpt prices of
module. But this heavily depend on modifications the client had. (And if
the client could remember at first, how past work is calculated)


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On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 4:05 PM, Simone Travaglini <
simonetravaglini at gmail.com> wrote:

> new layout it's not only a new skin, it's a new user experience and if you
> are a CRM consultant with experience you sure know that it's more than 50%
> of value of a CRM!
> It's normal that customers have to pay for a new version, I think this is
> not a problem.
> The real problem is the lack of information about the future: not a clear
> roadmap that allow us to organize our work! And also the fact that last
> version was released with too much bugs for a production version.
> 2017-06-06 15:49 GMT+02:00 Maximilian von Henkel <
> maximilian.von.henke at gmail.com>:
>> They dont have now, but they think they will.... you too mate...
>> Instead of feeding troll, you should set healthy fork, and work
>> without fear and shame
>> M
>> On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 8:32 PM, IT-Solutions4You <info at its4you.sk> wrote:
>>> > where in fact there is not much to do with extensions made
>>> > for 6.5
>>> Why you think that there is not much to do ? Yes with email maker and
>>> other extenions we are waiting for stable release because the 7.0 version
>>> has changed so many times. Extensions store has one ? 7.0 compatible
>>> extenion so they don't have any income form Marketplace.
>>> Matus
>>> Dňa 6. 6. 2017 o 15:14 Tony Sandman napísal(a):
>>>> So, was investigate how much my customer have to pay for moving to
>>>> vtiger 7..
>>>> It comes to more than 400 Euro (where some of extensions are not
>>>> projected to be ported - EmailMaker for instance) just for upgrading
>>>> extensions (where in fact there is not much to do with extensions made for
>>>> 6.5). I would like to price here Stefan Warnat as he NOT going to use this
>>>> case as source of income.
>>>> This is a problem of vtiger model. Instead of allowing developers
>>>> concentrate on improving core, they creating fake NEW VERSIONS (in fact
>>>> just playing with outer skin of programming) with hope that extension store
>>>> will bring more coins, and developers clapping for that (sometimes whining
>>>> for unknown reason).
>>>> Why I writing above? > https://shop.yetiforce.com/en/
>>>> migration/14-migration-vtiger-yetiforce.html
>>>> Vtiger model in fact will shrink users here and expand there.
>>>> Is that what you all guys looking for?
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