[Vtigercrm-developers] New vtiger new income

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Tue Jun 6 13:32:28 GMT 2017

 > where in fact there is not much to do with extensions made
 > for 6.5

Why you think that there is not much to do ? Yes with email maker and 
other extenions we are waiting for stable release because the 7.0 
version has changed so many times. Extensions store has one ? 7.0 
compatible extenion so they don't have any income form Marketplace.


Dňa 6. 6. 2017 o 15:14 Tony Sandman napísal(a):
> So, was investigate how much my customer have to pay for moving to 
> vtiger 7..
> It comes to more than 400 Euro (where some of extensions are not 
> projected to be ported - EmailMaker for instance) just for upgrading 
> extensions (where in fact there is not much to do with extensions made 
> for 6.5). I would like to price here Stefan Warnat as he NOT going to 
> use this case as source of income.
> This is a problem of vtiger model. Instead of allowing developers 
> concentrate on improving core, they creating fake NEW VERSIONS (in fact 
> just playing with outer skin of programming) with hope that extension 
> store will bring more coins, and developers clapping for that (sometimes 
> whining for unknown reason).
> Why I writing above? > 
> https://shop.yetiforce.com/en/migration/14-migration-vtiger-yetiforce.html
> Vtiger model in fact will shrink users here and expand there.
> Is that what you all guys looking for?
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