[Vtigercrm-developers] vtiger developers and GDPR compliance

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We as company don't mamage personal data. We stored only public company 
data. You can manage vtiger CRM and Customer Portal with current Sharing 
access rulles to allow/don't allow see any personal data.


Dňa 8. 12. 2017 o 11:05 Søren Madsen napísal(a):
> Well, I'm not a lawyer either, on the other hand I do offer a service to some
> customers, and I would like to make their life as easy as possible - thats
> just good customer service.
> As the CRM system holds a lot of contact information (personal data), in my
> mind, the CRM system would be the easiest place to manage the GDPR. Further
> more Contacts a syncronized to google, so if a contact want their personal
> data removed or changed, it would be syncronized through the CRM.
> The Customer portal is a unique feature giving the contacts full access to
> information stored about them. With a little tweaking, the portal could
> grant contacts access to all of the 9 rights their are given by the GDPR.
> Yes it's up to each individual company to manage the GDPR, but I just think
> it would be a great feature to mange it through vtiger.
> Matus, if a person has e-mailed with several of your employees, and contacts
> you to get their data deleted. Can you garantee this persons data are
> deleted on all platforms? vtiger, adress books in all of your employees
> outlook and google and iphone adressbooks?
> Since everything syncronizes with vtiger, I think it would be common sence
> to handle all GDPR requests in vtiger and syncronize those changes to all
> other platforms within the company.
> Those are just my thoughts.
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