[Vtigercrm-developers] vtiger developers and GDPR compliance

Søren Madsen sm at globalcrm.dk
Fri Dec 8 10:05:23 GMT 2017

Well, I'm not a lawyer either, on the other hand I do offer a service to some
customers, and I would like to make their life as easy as possible - thats
just good customer service.

As the CRM system holds a lot of contact information (personal data), in my
mind, the CRM system would be the easiest place to manage the GDPR. Further
more Contacts a syncronized to google, so if a contact want their personal
data removed or changed, it would be syncronized through the CRM.

The Customer portal is a unique feature giving the contacts full access to
information stored about them. With a little tweaking, the portal could
grant contacts access to all of the 9 rights their are given by the GDPR.

Yes it's up to each individual company to manage the GDPR, but I just think
it would be a great feature to mange it through vtiger.

Matus, if a person has e-mailed with several of your employees, and contacts
you to get their data deleted. Can you garantee this persons data are
deleted on all platforms? vtiger, adress books in all of your employees
outlook and google and iphone adressbooks?

Since everything syncronizes with vtiger, I think it would be common sence
to handle all GDPR requests in vtiger and syncronize those changes to all
other platforms within the company.

Those are just my thoughts.

CentOS 6.5 vtiger 7.0.1
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