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Doug sailsfast at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 18:16:20 GMT 2017

I'm confused. It is still absurdly available.

On Dec 5, 2017 9:05 AM, "Satish Dvnk" <satish.dvnk at vtiger.com> wrote:


Thanks for remind us, we have rejected and suggested the developer to
resubmit the extension along with extensionstore guidelines and rename of
the extension.


On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 5:11 PM, IT-Solutions4You <info at its4you.sk> wrote:

> Dear vtiger Team,
> many times we have big issue and time delay for publishing vtiger
> extension thru marketplace. Currently I see in your Marketplace extension
> which broke more Guidelines.
> PDF Maker
> https://marketplace.vtiger.com/extensions?id=359
> 1. Naming Guidelines
> 1.4 Extension name and identifier should be have unique short prefix that
> avoids collision with other extensions published.
> There is currently PDF Maker extension in Marketplace so I think this name
> totally avoids collision with other extensions published
> 4. Acceptance
> 4.5 Extensions should not copy the functionality and UI of other
> extensions or services.
> This is a full copy of our extension ;-). Anyway I understand it but
> please with another name.
> 6. Extension Description
> 6.3 Description should not have any links to external pages, nor advertise
> any other products or services
> You don't publiseh our extensions because of links to our page minimal 10
> times (not demo link was allowed). Now in this extension there is a lot of
> links to external pages. See how our Description looks:
> https://marketplace.vtiger.com/extensions?id=14 and compare it.
> We are really very disappointed about this situation. Because we feel to
> be deceived. Many of our extensions cann't be published for a small link to
> our demo and on the other side another company can write what it wants ?
> Matus
> ITS4You
> _______________________________________________
> http://www.vtiger.com/

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