[Vtigercrm-developers] Add doc relation

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 09:34:08 GMT 2017

On 26/04/17 09:59, iko wrote:
> I am relatively new here. And my understanding of the Vtiger open source
> community is limited.
> I assumed that open source is about sharing and making project stronger. But
> what are the real rules in Vtiger is not clear to me. For example, I fix a
> bug or lack of function which is quite critical (like in the add doc
> relation case). Then what I should be doing is thinking about how to make
> money on this fix?

That's not quite right. Please see the new code.vtiger.com site where 
there are quite a few of us who have submitted, and have had accepted, 
quite large merge requests to fix bugs or add new features into vtiger 
and plenty of small bugs too. The relationship between the "community" 
and vtiger the company has never been fantastic, but, in my opinion it 
has improved quite a bit over the past year or two. It takes a bit of 
give and take on both sides.

The vtiger company obviously have their own agenda - they have to make 
money and pay their staff and I know all too well how people get angry 
and despondent about slow progress on some things, but, the fact is, the 
vtiger open source product is used by tens of thousands of businesses 
around the world and this provides for many companies like my own to 
generate a decent living by delivering high-quality support services. 
And that is pretty much how most Open Source models work.

> Every time there is a question about bug fix or functionality improvement,
> there are mostly suggestions to buy extensions or buy services. Of course
> people are not interested in sharing if money is involved.

I think "every time" is a bit of an exaggeration - there are plenty of 
examples of people providing code snippets and/or other support on here. 
But, please consider this: if it is cheaper and quicker to suggest 
installing install a $10 extension rather than spend hours providing 
[free] support via email then it makes sense to me :-)

> But it is fair, I see.
> The only problem is that core Vtiger continues with the bugs and lack of
> functions. I understand that this is a complex problem also due to the
> Vtiger attitude to the community version. Fact, that merge requests are not
> merged is disturbing.

See above.


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