[Vtigercrm-developers] Module to auto-fill fields? (ie. like JS macro)

Matteo Baranzoni info at greenbitweb.com
Wed Apr 19 02:17:27 GMT 2017

I think that you can do that with Workflow designer: workflow and frontend
button open popup where you select template from picklist, after that
second popup up show template that you can edit and save to comment (or
send with email, sms etc).

2017-04-18 23:29 GMT+02:00 socialboostdk <socialboostdk at gmail.com>:

> Hi there :)
> I'm having a lot of tickets that need similar replies (support).
> My idea was some dropdown with pre-filled texts (like "Hi ABC ,Thank you
> for the mail - problem X is solved doing steps Y & Z", etc), which I can
> select between and then edit in the field before saving (ie. not just a
> field-update workflow).
> Does anyone know of modules already doing this?
> Ie. a little like this: https://www.vtexperts.com/product/vtiger-macros/
> but with the option to do some further manual work (like changing name,
> adding a few phrases, etc.) before the record is saved.
> Ideas?
> :-) Chris
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