[Vtigercrm-developers] 7.0 Release

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Thu Apr 13 08:11:55 GMT 2017

Why do i have the impression that the bug reports will never slow down?
I submitted a few bugs but i have a lot more to send.The problem is that they still without review and i'm getting lost in the middle of a few bugs (the ones i submitted). Now imagine vt team!
Is normal git lab don't allow you to have the list of your own bugs?
Best regards.

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On 13/04/17 05:47, Chris Thompson wrote:
> And when might that assessment be completed?  What’s the progress? I was
> aware that the code was made available.

If it was me I'd wait for the bug report activity to slow/stop.  That 
means the more people test it and look for problems the better.

I'd rather the release slipped a few weeks than come out with stupid 
bugs like happened in 6.5.0 (Listview paging broken for example).


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