[Vtigercrm-developers] [Vtigercrm-Developers] which uitype replicates multiple user selection like in filter?

IT-Solutions4You info at its4you.sk
Tue Sep 27 11:26:22 GMT 2016

I was waiting for usecase, because I was thinking that this is not only 
multi dropdown of users. The "compatible" way is define some Groups and 
relate Task (assigned to) this Group. This is what the extension make 
in the background.


Dňa 27. 9. 2016 o 13:14 Alan Lord napísal(a):
> On 27/09/16 12:04, kiran wrote:
>> Full usecase :
>> I'm using existing Task module under the Project module. I would like to
>> assign particular task to multiple workers. Meaning that group of people
>> will together complete the task.
>> I already have workers as users in my crm. So if i make a user selection
>> multiple for assigning single task it could be easier to handle this
>> usecase.
> OK - So this *is* more complicated than just the making the new field
> UIType. vtiger is not designed to handle this scenario and there would
> be many changes required in core code to support this.
> Alternatively you could try this module in the Marketplace:
> https://marketplace.vtiger.com/extensions?id=154
> I have not used it so can't comment on its efficacy but it says it
> allows what you want.
> Al
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