[Vtigercrm-developers] Marketplace Extension review

IT-Solutions4You info at its4you.sk
Thu Sep 8 09:40:14 GMT 2016

I have question about publishing extnesion in Marketplace. We have 
upload small extension and after fixing first issues we are waiting and 
waiting for response. Currently we are waiting 17 days for answer from 
vtiger team if this small extension can be published. So I will ask 
another developers if they have the same experiences. From this and 
other reasons it's very complicated to make bussines using vtiger 
Marketplace. If we make upgrade for some extensions we need waiting 2 
weeks for Approval procces (old approved version is overwriten). We 
can't chane text, upload new images because every change need approval 
proces. There are many limitations for using vtiger Marketplace as sales 
channel and this is place where vtiger company can make many too so I 
don't understand this opinion.


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