[Vtigercrm-developers] hide fields in customer portal

lucia digirolamo l.digirolamo at websonica.net
Tue Nov 22 12:34:43 GMT 2016


I'm trying to hide some fields in the customer portal, such as the 
carrier field in the quote module, but I cannot figure out how to do it.

In order to have customer portal I've created a specific user with a 
specific role. This role takes permission from a profile that I created 
specifically for the customer portal user. In this profile I edited the 
carrier field of quote module from "write" to "invisible", then saved 
and -just to be on the save side- I refreshed the sharing rules. But the 
carrier is still visibile; also, all the fields are read-only, while in 
customer portal profile I ticked all the boxes (write, read, view 
delete).. as if customer portal user permission were not related to 
profile at all.. If that is so:

1- what is the use of setting a user in the "privileges" field of the 
customer portal?

1- How can I change fields' visibility so that I can choose which fields 
to show to the customer and which to hide?



I checked all the configurations more than once:

- the user for customer portal has the right role, the admin checkbox is 
NOT ticked and the status is active;

- the role is correctly linked to the right profile "assign privileges 
from existing profile is checked and the name of the profile is correct)

- in "other settings > customer portal", the field privileges is 
correctly assigned to the customer portal user. In fact, if I 
disable/enable or reorder modules from the drag and drop list and save, 
I can see all the changes in the customer portal. Also if I change the 
'see records across organization' from yes to no and viceversa, I can 
see the changes.

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