[Vtigercrm-developers] Extensions strongly not recommended?

Tony Sandman tonysandman999 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 23:24:20 GMT 2016

I believe this is the only place when I can raise alarm (again) about
of extension made by developer as per subject line.

Below is a ticket what my customer opened yesterday:

"Without reason, no touching installation files PDFMaker stops working and
was sending to our customers message: ERROR Invalid license key! Please
contact the vendor of PDF Maker When I tried reactivate license it shows
error: Class soapclient2 does not exist When you finally fix this shameful
logic? Why our customers gets PDF's with error message but admin has no
information about license problem? "

Have to add that customer have numerous workflows what sending on daily
basis various documents. All based on extension PDFMaker.

I mentioned it before and customer ask Its4You guys to change way of
licensing as it definitely not suit to  serious use cases - no response. It
was pointed that the way of Stefan Warnat is perfect (extension works
uninterrupted even there is a problem with license)

As Vtiger not securing PDF template module (even it is really basic
requirement for such system) I believe that at least PDFMaker (and
EMAILMaker) as a leaders extensions in own particular field should
guarantee uninterrupted operation.

Am I wrong? May Its4You comment on above here? What are Vtiger thoughts?
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