[Vtigercrm-developers] 6.5.0 Release Update

Stacey Johnson stacey.johnson110 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 04:03:21 GMT 2016

> Any assumption that customers will come to our cloud service if we do not
improve our open source product is ill-informed.

Sure - but what about speed, performance, real-time collaboration? I also
think that slowing down OS development got some purpose here...


On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 10:25 AM, Sreenivas Kanumuru <svk at vtiger.com> wrote:

> Any assumption that customers will come to our cloud service if we do not
> improve our open source product is ill-informed. It would hold some water,
> if vtiger is the only open source product out there, and our cloud solution
> is the only cloud service out there. There are dozens if not hundreds of
> open source variants of open source CRM products. And, there are dozens, if
> not hundreds of variants of cloud based CRM products.
> As i mentioned previously, our cloud business's success is based on open
> source success and will continue to do so (unless we are ready to spend
> millions of dollars in advertising). We understand that, and our actions to
> improve open source stem from that. We will continue to make Vtiger open
> source better.
> When i see comments calling for improvement in open source, i see 2 things
> 1. Features and Usability (UI) - With 6.0 release 20,000 hours of work has
> gone into enhancements of the open source product that have been
> documented. 6.5 release that is upcoming will have support for new PHP
> version to improve performance
> 2. Process (collaboration) - We made some progress in collaboration with
> the move to code.vtiger.com.
> Regards,
> Sreenivas
> On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 5:12 AM, Garry Brighton <garryatbrighton at gmail.com
> > wrote:
>> Clear enough... disgusting approach of vtiger uncovered...
>> Obviously vtiger ondemand generating enough to handle excellent
>> development of both their versions, but that's not a plan....
>> Vtiger internal development resources (OS) is a set to NOT create
>> progress as this will feed competitors who is every single developer here.
>> They go money from onDemand, and they don't wanna lose it. This is the
>> only direction they wanna grow.
>> The only exception is fast development of poor extension store from where
>> Vtiger dream to get additional coins and code of modules what they use for
>> own internal stuff. So, it kinda rapping... isn't it? How you feel? How
>> long you will be dreaming about improvement here? How long the same subject
>> is discussed here?
>> On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 10:54 PM, Błażej Pabiszczak <
>> b.pabiszczak at yetiforce.com> wrote:
>>> It's amazing how much you can discuss, how many people participate in
>>> that, and how huge the leader of the project is, and despite all that, for
>>> the past 2 years barely anything has been done. The majority of the people
>>> who are still on the list are companies that create commercial modules, for
>>> whom changes [especially the significant ones] are inconvenient, because
>>> they will require module fixes. For those who gain profit from the lack of
>>> features no changes is great news, for Vtiger users - not so much.
>>> The vision of Vtiger 7 appearing in Q2/2017 will be postponed a few
>>> times, and to make it even worse, nobody knows what it will include,
>>> whether or not the final effect is worth the wait [time will tell]. At the
>>> moment, Vtiger as the project's leader isn't really involved, and this
>>> can't work in the long run, especially if people want to treat Vtiger's
>>> development as part of their business, and not just a toy.
>>> On one hand I'm happy with what's happening [no core development,
>>> hundreds of missing functionalities substituted by ill-considered expensive
>>> modules]; on the other hand I know that it will also negatively impact
>>> everyone, because Vtiger and SugarCRM influence the way the entire open
>>> source CRM community is perceived. Compare the development of these systems
>>> within the last 4 weeks:
>>>    1.
>>>    Vtiger: https://github.com/YetiForceCompany/vtiger/pulse/monthly
>>>    2.
>>>    YetiForce:
>>>    https://github.com/YetiForceCompany/YetiForceCRM/pulse/monthly
>>>    3.
>>>    coreBOS: https://github.com/tsolucio/corebos/pulse/monthly
>>>    4.
>>>    EPESI: https://github.com/Telaxus/EPESI/pulse/monthly
>>>    5.
>>>    SuiteCRM: https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/pulse/monthly
>>>    6.
>>>    SugarCRML https://github.com/sugarcrm/sugarcrm_dev/pulse/monthly
>>> Looking at this only you can figure out how many people are involved in
>>> these systems, how huge the communities are...you can only see the last
>>> month's work, but the situation has been similar for all these systems for
>>> the past year. I watch these [and many more] projects all the time to learn
>>> from them as much as I can. What I can see is the fact that open source is
>>> not doing well, there are many small projects, and each of them takes away
>>> valuable part of the community. Additionally, there's a bunch of people and
>>> companies who just want to take, and give nothing in return.
>>> If projects like coreBOS, EPESI, YetiForce, and Vtiger were merged, we
>>> would be in a completely different place now, and what we could achieve
>>> would be bigger and better than any given project.
>>> PS. Congrats on the upcoming version 6.5 that doesn't patch any critical
>>> security errors in Vtiger and client portal :D Each new release keeps
>>> surprising me more and more, great job ;).
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