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Cardscale Ltd alan at cardscale.co.uk
Tue Jun 21 15:04:34 GMT 2016


I am pretty new to Vtiger (6.4) and need assistance in resolving a problem I have.
I may, because of my little knowledge of Vtiger be trying to do something that Vtiger cannot do and barking up the wrong tree but here goes.

I am using the Organisation module and Contacts module to capture my customer information and I have created another field in the Contacts module called “Site”.
I have built a new module called “Installations" and in this module I have included 2 field type relate lists for the user to select the organisation and contact, what I need as well is a relate list or pick list whichever can be used to list the sites related to the organisation the user has selected.

Or if this is not possible a full list of all the sites ordered alphabetically so the user can select the site.

Alternatively when the user selects the Contact from the related list it automatically populates a text field in the module (which I can create) with the site details from the contact record selected in the Contact list.

I hope this is clear.


Alan Edwards



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